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Janitorial software for commercial and and home cleaning services, tools to make a precise bid for cleaning services jobs, contracts
            Janitorial Bidding Software For Making A Precise Bid For Cleaning Contracts, Jobs
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Janitorial & Home Cleaning Services Bid Estimating Worksheets For Microsoft Excel©
Bid Estimating Software For Cleaning Services Professionals (product details)
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This CD has  features that make  bid estimating and cost accounting  calculations, fast,
 easy and convenient
“pays for itself,”
in time saved!
(This spreadsheet automatically calculates a bid estimate for any cleaning application, based on appropriate data entries.  It can be used in a bid proposal, or as a billing statement, or invoice.)

(These spreadsheets calculate the total overhead for your business and automatically distribute  the overhead across all of your accounts, based on the relative direct costs for each account.) 

(This spreadsheet allows the user to determine work load estimates for virtually any cleaning task. It automatically calculates and displays workloads on a daily weekly, monthly and annual basis.)

Supplies and Equipment usage spreadsheet
(This spreadsheet allows the user to calculate  total direct cleaning, housekeeping and equipment parts costs, for each cleaning account in a business, or each  facility in an account, as well as the total direct material costs for all accounts in the business.)
Bid proposal example
(A fully editable Bid Proposal example, which can be cloned, edited and used as a bid proposal template.)
Option 1
 (Note:, the software must be run using Microsoft  Excel®)
The janitorial bidding software is fully functional by itself, as a stand alone product.
It is perhaps best used in conjunction with the resource guide #2 Cleaning Services Bid Estimation, in order to realize the full potential of its features.

The cleaning software CD contains electronic spreadsheets that mirror the Bid Estimating, Overhead Cost & Distribution, Work loading and Supplies & Equipment Costs worksheets in Cleaning Services Bid Estimation (resource guide #2).  This makes using the spreadsheets a “breeze” to use, after learning how to apply all of the fundamental calculations, bid estimating charts and tables, found in the resource guide.

Examples of how to use the janitorial software, along with cleaning times and janitorial production rate charts for general cleaning, are included on the CD for the benefit of customers that wish to purchase the software by itself.

The cleaning software’s most valuable features include:
* Straight-forward data entry layout
* Automated computation
* File editing, copying, updating and archival capabilities
* Correlation with all worksheets found in Cleaning Services Bid Estimation 
* Charts and tables for typical cleaning times and janitorial production rates
   (e.g., windows, bathrooms, kitchens, sweeping, vacuuming, hard floor care etc.)
* Fully editable janitorial proposal example
* Overhead & total cost spreadsheets and example
* Supply cost spreadsheets and example
* Workload determination spreadsheets and example
* Janitorial bid cost and profit summary spreadsheets and example
* All janitorial bidding software spreadsheets are customizable

The janitorial bidding software will more than “pay for itself,” in time savings achieved through its various features, such as automated computation (i.e., spreadsheet end points are displayed automatically, once all data inputs are correctly entered) and the editing, copying and updating capabilities (e.g., completed spreadsheets can be copied, renamed and saved, for the purpose of using them as templates, with all or part of the data common to bid estimation jobs included, so that the need for data entry and editing is reduced, going forward).

A Bonus feature that is included, is a fully editable Janitorial Bid Proposal example in Microsoft  Word,® that may be copied and edited by users and then saved as custom janitorial proposal templates, going forward.

A PC operating system (e.g., Microsoft Windows,® ‘95, NT, ‘98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8) is required to run the CD.  The use of Cleaning Services Bid Estimation can greatly aid in reducing calculations for basic end points that are needed as input for various  spreadsheets.   
Options 2-4
Ideal For Commercial and Residential
 Cleaning Services Professionals Alike!

Because our janitorial bidding software is customizable and scalable, you can adapt the spreadsheet outputs to suit the needs of your particular cleaning services business sector.

Use a combination of the typical cleaning times and janitorial production rate tables and charts for standard janitorial/ maid tasks, that is provided with our janitorial software, by themselves, or along with your business’s specialty cleaning performance data for cleaning times, to customize our cleaning software to these cleaning services bid estimating applications:

* General Office Cleaning,
* Apartment & Home Cleaning,
* Apartment/ Office Pre or Post Lease Clean-ups,
* Rental Property Management Cleaning,
* Industrial & Commercial Factory Cleaning,
* Commercial Contract Cleaning,
* Government Building Cleaning,
* Hard Floor Care/ Maintenance,
* Banks, Schools, College Cleaning,
* Hotel/ Motel/ B&B Cleaning,
* Maid Cleaning Services,
* Retail Outlet Cleaning,

... and more.      

Retail price for
this software:
$49.95 US

UPC: A82236000002    
 The Knouen Group
Software CD: PC based

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 (above right)
 (Overhead Cost Spreadsheet)
Use this spreadsheet (or the single page “short form”, also on the CD), to calculate the overhead costs for your business.  The totals are then used as data entries in a second spreadsheet that automatically distributes the overhead across each cleaning account (or across all facilities in a single account), based on the relative direct costs for that account (i.e., a percentage of the total direct costs for all accounts).  From there, you can use the Cleaning Services Bid Summary spreadsheet  to determine a final bid estimate.
The shaded columns contain output data that is automatically calculated, and appears instantly, once the appropriate data entries have been made. Totals appear in the bottom row of last page of each spreadsheet.  A single page, short” version of this spreadsheet is also included.
Example 2 of 2
 (Bid Summary Spreadsheet)
This spreadsheet provides a concise summary of all of the factors needed to determine a Cleaning Services bid estimate professionally! A “Customer’s copy” version of the spreadsheet is also included.  This version hides essential cost inputs such as labor costs,  direct materials costs, account overhead costs, etc., from view.  A hard-copy of the “customer copy” spreadsheet can be used as a billing statement, or as part of a janitorial bid proposal.
The shaded columns contain output data that is automatically calculated, and appears instantly, once the appropriate data entries have been made.  Any of these bid price output cells, may also be hidden selectively, for use in customer quote printouts as well.
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*  Bid estimating  
*  Overhead distribution
*  Workload determinations
*  Supplies and equipment usage
*  General office cleaning production rate charts
Janitorial Bidding Software
Janitorial & Home Cleaning Services:
Bid Estimating Worksheets For Microsoft Excel®
Please note:
With a couple of clicks, any of the bidding Inputs in the 1st 9 columns can be easily hidden, for use in a customer quote copy, for inclusion with your janitorial proposal.  Inputs can also be left in display mode for internal use, (i.e.,  for your account records, or for use in preparing future cleaning bids.)

Bid price outputs shown in this example may not be applicable to your business, or the market  your business competes in.