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Website Design And Web Site Hosting For Home Cleaning & Janitorial Services    (Pricing & Terms)
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Website Design Pricing
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* Default Logo, slogan, & text title header styles will be used, as they appear in the template
  depictions, where they are not supplied directly by the customers (your company name will be used in these cases).
* Web page layouts will appear approximately as shown in template depictions, adjustments
   in font size or page length may be necessary to accommodate the size of customer supplied
   text (the number of words in each customer supplied slogan, text title headers or text
  fields, is limited to approximately three times the number of characters in each template
*Screen size for customer supplied photos and logos are limited to approximately 2” w x 3” h
  and 2’ w x 2” h, respectively (logo and photo files will be sized to optimize resolution and
  to accommodate the web page layout).  The customer is responsible for the quality of the
  image file submitted.  All photos must be of the customer’s business, person, employees
  or other subject matter, for which the customer has copyright ownership or privileges.  No
  stock photos or clip art from the internet will be accepted as customer supplied logos or photo.    
* No guarantees, written or implied, are made regarding search engine placement
  (i.e., relative search query ranking).
* All customer supplied materials and correspondence will be submitted via e-mail.  No hard
   copy customer text, photo or logo file floppies/ CD’s, can be accepted.  Files which cannot
   be e-mailed (e.g., due to their file size), cannot be accepted.  
* All payments for orders that include a website design, must be made by cashier’s check,
  or money order, made payable to the website design account, named on the invoice that is
   e-mailed to the customer at the beginning of the ordering process.  Payment for all website
  design orders are to be remitted, only after a web hosting account has been opened and
   all customer supplied information/ image files have been received and approved, per
  website design ordering instructions.   
(Hosting vendor provide services for over 30,000 websites)
*$20 A Year (free 1st year for 12 mo, 24 mo packages only, $20 year, thereafter)
**(price available only with full payment in advance)
www.janitorial-and-home-business-cleaning-systems.com, cannot assume any responsibility for the hosting package selected by the customer, the relationship between the customer and the hosting service, nor facilitate any communications between these parties.  Prices presented here, are the most current available, for the hosting vendor we are using, to set-up and load our customers’ websites.  All hosting service prices are subject to change, according to the website hosting vendor’s terms.  The customer is responsible for understanding fully, all terms and conditions for any of the products or packages, he or she purchases from the hosting service vendor.   All hosting fees listed above, are to be paid directly to the hosting vendor, via major credit card, through their website.   Hosting set-up includes search engine submission, no guarantees, written or implied, are made regarding search engine placement (i.e., relative search query ranking).
to "how it works", website templates 1-4
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