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Janitorial software, spreadsheets for making a bid on janitorial jobs and home cleaning services contracts 
    Quick and easy! Bidding software for making a bid on Janitorial jobs or home cleaning services contracts
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Janitorial Software, Tools To Bid For Cleaning Services ...
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Spreadsheet Software - Bidding Tools For Making A Bid On Janitorial Services & Home Cleaning Jobs
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Janitorial Software
(Cleaning Services Bidding Software)
Janitorial Bidding Software
*  Bid estimating  
*  Overhead distribution
*  Workload determinations
*  Supplies and equipment usage
*  General office cleaning production rate charts
Microsoft  Excel®
required to use this software.
Windows Operating Systems
 (NT, ‘98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8)
Janitorial Software That “pays for itself,”
in time saved!
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Using this janitorial bidding software, along with “CLEANING SERVICES BID ESTIMATION,” makes developing a precise bid for janitorial services, home cleaning services contracts, or special deep cleaning jobs, a breeze.  Before you make your next bid for janitorial services, or “one time” janitorial jobs, determine a fair and competitive price for your cleaning services quickly and easily.  Soon, you’ll find that using this bidding software will help you place a more competitive bid for janitorial services & contracts, or home cleaning jobs, with greater accuracy and faster turnaround times.  
Ideal For Commercial and Residential
 Cleaning Services Professionals Alike!

Because our janitorial bidding software is customizable and scalable, you can adapt the spreadsheet outputs to suit the needs of your particular cleaning services business sector.

Use a combination of the typical cleaning times and janitorial production rate tables and charts for standard janitorial/ maid tasks, that is provided with our janitorial software, by themselves, or along with your business’s specialty cleaning performance data for cleaning rates, to customize our cleaning software to these cleaning services bid estimating applications:

* General Office Cleaning,
* Apartment & Home Cleaning,
* Apartment Pre or Post Lease Clean-ups,
* Rental Property Management Cleaning,
* Industrial & Commercial Factory Cleaning,
* Commercial Contract Cleaning,
* Government Building Cleaning,
* Hard Floor Care/ Maintenance,
* Banks, Schools, College Cleaning,
* Hotel/ Motel/ B&B Cleaning,
* Maid Cleaning Services,
* Retail Outlet Cleaning,

... and more.      

Many cleaning services contractors, agree that one of the most critical jobs they perform in running their business, is making a competitive but profitable bid for janitorial services contracts, or lucrative “one time” jobs.  The same is true for related cleaning services businesses such as home cleaning, carpet and hard floor care services.

In each case, making a bid for cleaning contracts, looms as the most difficult of jobs that contractors perform.  Increasingly, janitorial software designed to calculate bidding components, such as work loads, overhead-supply-labor costs and profit margins, is seen as a necessary tool in preparing a bid for both commercial and home cleaning services.
We encourage you to carefully evaluate the detailed descriptions and examples of our books and software that we have included on our site, in order to help you to select the products best suited to your needs.  We believe that you’ll actually look forward to preparing a bid for janitorial jobs or home cleaning contracts, once you see how convenient and precise your bidding estimates can be.    Please note that Microsoft  Excel® software is required to run our janitorial bidding software.  
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